Fedora Elections 2015: Be informed!

Fedora Elections are the time to impact the Project
Fedora Elections are the time to impact the Project. Source: christoph-wickert.de

Today, the Fedora Elections for December 2015 officially began at 00:00 UTC. The voting period will be open from now until December 14th, 2015, at 23:59 UTC. Fedora is a community-driven project, and voting is one of the greatest ways you can have an impact in how Fedora runs, either as a user or a contributor. Your vote is powerful, and you should be informed before casting your vote!

Fedora Elections for FAmSCo

This Election is especially interesting because of the open seats for the Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee (FAmSCo). The plan is to phase out FAmSCo in order of the Fedora Outreach Steering Committee (FOSCo). However, this plan is still one that is in progress and there are many details being hammered out. Because of the plans to transition, the current board sitting in the Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee have been elected for the past year, something that normally has new elections every six months. In the interim period while FOSCo is expanded, FAmSCo is running an Election to bring new, fresh blood into the board.

Inform yourself

There are a lot of things happening across Fedora right now, so it is important that you inform yourself for the Fedora Elections. I have had the unique perspective of reading, reviewing, and proofreading many of the candidate interviews. As a result, I have had the advantage of reading every candidate’s platform and what their vision for the Project is. It’s important that you vote with an informed opinion about whose platforms you agree with most. There are a lot of important topics on the table for this Election cycle, and an informed vote is the best way to make a vote. Please take the time to read the candidate interviews!

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