Justin W. Flory is a creative maker. He is best-known as an open source contributor based in the United States. Since he was 14, Justin has participated in numerous open source communities and led different initiatives to build sustainable software and communities.

Since 2018, he is a leading member of the LibreCorps program of the [email protected] initiative at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He was the first, full-time co-op placement to work exclusively on community issues for UNICEF Office of Innovation. This was work he did in concert with UNICEF personnel and Red Hat Open Innovations Lab on UNICEF’s MagicBox effort. This was an engagement highlighted by Jim Whitehurst, former Red Hat CEO and President of IBM, during one of his Red Hat Summit keynote showcases at Red Hat Summit in 2018. Since then, Justin led half-day workshops for UNICEF’s Innovation Fund to introduce over 20 international start-up teams to the Open Source way.

Additionally, he is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Networking & Systems Administration and double-minoring in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture and Women’s and Gender Studies. He finishes in May 2020.

Through his work with LibreCorps and UNICEF, Justin works as a consultant for open source projects and community-building. Using Justin’s initial efforts with MagicBox as a starting point, RIT’s LibreCorps mentors build interactive resources for clients to build engaging communities around their projects.

Furthermore, Justin is a contributor to the Fedora Project. In Fedora, he volunteered as team lead of the Community Operations team for four years and was a founding member of the Diversity and Inclusion Team. He represented Fedora internationally at events and conferences, including FOSDEM, DevConf CZ, All Things Open, OSCAL, and others.

Fedora Project community meet-up in Tirana, Albania for OSCAL 2017
Fedora community meet-up for OSCAL 2017

Justin also participates in other open source communities. Previously he was a staff member of the SpigotMC project and community moderator for Opensource.com. He also occasionally contributes to MusicBrainz.

Additionally, Justin is an avid traveler and always tries to learn something new from the places he visits and the people he meets. He is a music and coffee enthusiast!