A bright, vibrant night sky filled with stars is shown. The dark outlines of trees form a skyline, giving an appearance of being in a large forest surrounded by tall trees. Text is overlaid on the photograph that reads, "Eventually, for eternity."

Eventually for eternity.

A poem to describe love from a constantly suspended state of waiting and wonder.

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Several white-colored wires and cables are twisted together into a spiral, in front of a dark blue background. A subtitle is written, "Digitalism."

Digitalism: An engineer’s poem

“Digitalism” is a poem I originally wrote in August 2022. Its birth came from being stuck in the middle, between the analog and digital lives we are often split between. How might we find the middle path between the two lives?

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Synchronized. A person is riding a bicycle into a distant hillside. The sun is setting in the sky, showing the warm colors of dusk.


A poem that found me while riding my bicycle in the early evening hours of Georgia.

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I put on our playlist,Pure poetry to untrained ears. My heart taken by the hand,But led back to the Atlantic blue,Wondering if I am singing your tune?

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Throwback draft: An untitled poem

I was cleaning out my saved personal messages on Telegram and found this untitled poem. I wrote this on or around May 27th, 2016.

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