A photograph of a warm, sunny road somewhere in Germany. The road seems to be remote, with no cars in sight and evergreen trees standing tall on both sides of the road. The photo seems to be taken in the morning, with the early dawn light breaking and lighting up the entire landscape in a golden light.

this moment

A short poem that I was inspired to write after a short drive running errands, and I was absorbed momentarily into the beauty of the natural world around me. Read more of my poetry on my blog.

The media report this season is warmer,
The scientists discover the planet is hotter,
While glaciers slide into the sea.

It is the birth of spring,
After a dark, lonely winter,
Yet the warmth is not warming.

In this moment,
The spring in March comes like the summer in May,
Leaving this July to the imagination.

A shiver of emotions,
Ripples from my brain down my spine,
As I wonder of the future.

But as I drive forward with bright blue skies overhead,
The world erupting in the color and life of an early spring,
My worried mind is suddenly soothed.

The world is warmer, the planet is hotter,
And there is so much that we must all do.

Yet in this moment, I feel a peace,
Surrounded in the fragrance of spring flowers,
As the warm sun gently caresses my face.

Joy is an ingredient for enlightened action,
It fills my goblet full of passion and zest,
And suggests to me my true motivations.

In this moment, I am here,
One with the breath of the wind,
Dissolved into the colors of the spring afternoon.

In this moment, I am here,
And I am reminded,
To never let despair rob me of my joy.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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