Outreachy May 2024: A letter to Fedora applicants

To all Outreachy May 2024 applicants to the Fedora Project, Today is May 2nd, 2024. The Outreachy May 2024 round results will be published in a few short hours. This year, the participation in Fedora for Outreachy May 2024 was record-breaking. Fedora will fund three internships this year. During the

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A white tiled background with black title text, written "How to run non-engineering Outreachy internships." The logos for Outreachy and the Fedora Project appear below the title text.

Win-win for all: How to run a non-engineering Outreachy internship

This year, I am mentoring again with the Outreachy internship program. It is my third time mentoring for Outreachy and my second time with the Fedora Project. However, it is my first time mentoring as a Red Hat associate. What also makes this time different from before is that I

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A photograph of a warm, sunny road somewhere in Germany. The road seems to be remote, with no cars in sight and evergreen trees standing tall on both sides of the road. The photo seems to be taken in the morning, with the early dawn light breaking and lighting up the entire landscape in a golden light.

this moment

A short poem that I was inspired to write after a short drive running errands, and I was absorbed momentarily into the beauty of the natural world around me. Read more of my poetry on my blog.

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A bright, vibrant night sky filled with stars is shown. The dark outlines of trees form a skyline, giving an appearance of being in a large forest surrounded by tall trees. Text is overlaid on the photograph that reads, "Eventually, for eternity."

Eventually for eternity.

A poem to describe love from a constantly suspended state of waiting and wonder. Read more of my poetry on my blog.

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