HFOSS: Community Architecture (CommArch) Project Proposal

What is this?

This post serves as the project proposal for me and my team’s Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software DevelopmentCommunity Architecture” project (shortened to CommArch)!

In this project proposal, we take a preliminary look at the project we’re looking at analyzing, Tahrir, and the different criteria we are assigned to look at.

Fedora is a free and open-source Linux distribution.
Fedora is a free and open-source Linux distribution.

Team Members

Name Email
Bobby Pruden *******@rit.edu
Wilfried Hounyo ********.******@gmail.com
Stephen Garabedian *******@rit.edu
Justin W. Flory *******@gmail.com


Tahrir by the Fedora Project


Tahrir is a Pyramid app for distributing your own custom badges (based off of Mozilla Open Badges). The back-end is written in Python with an HTML/CSS and JavaScript front-end and the project is a smaller part of the Fedora Project.

Team Member Roles

Justin and Wilfried

  1. Project Report I-R
  2. git_by_a_bus

Stephen and Bobby

  1. Project Report A-H
  2. Calloway Coefficient of Fail

Source Code Repository URL


Upstream Mentors

Name Email
Ralph Bean (threebean) *****@redhat.com
Remy DeCausemaker (decause) *******@redhat.com
Pierre-Yves Chibon (pypingou) ******@pingoured.fr

Communication Methods

The following methods of communication are ordered in the most preferred way to the least.

  1. IRC channel on freenode (#fedora-apps)
  2. Issue tracker on GitHub
  3. Mailing list via [email protected]

What are the easy parts?

  • Project is fairly small (even though it is part of a larger project)
  • People to ask for help when needed
  • Git-by-a-bus is going to make analytics of contributors super easy
  • Distribution of work will allow us to complete the project in a timely manner

What are the hard parts?

  • Lack of a frame of reference for some team members who have never worked with open source projects in the past (e.g. we are unable to compare activity or its community to other projects)
  • Since the project is a smaller project inside of a larger one (Fedora Project), it will be challenging to look at it in a modular sense
  • Separation of dependencies from project requirements (Open Badges requirements and Tahrir requirements)

How will you overcome both?

Hard Stuff

  • We have two people who are more advanced at hacking who can hopefully guide the two who aren’t through the project, effectively eliminating the lack of reference point.
  • Three of our members are not people involved in the Fedora Project, and as such won’t be distracted by its involvement with Fedora and will only look at the project itself.
  • Read up on the existing documentation and test the various endpoints of the project to identify what is needed with Open Badge and what the project is implementing itself.

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