Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Extra! Extra!

“Extra! Extra!”: What is it?

Extra! Extra! badge, given to Fedora Magazine contributors
“You contributed to Fedora Magazine (”

The Extra! Extra! badge is categorized as a “Content Badge” and is defined in this Trac ticket. But what’s the real scoop behind the Extra! Extra! badge?

In short, the Extra! Extra! badge is awarded to Fedora contributors that write an article for the Fedora Magazine, the premiere publication offered by the Fedora Project. The Fedora Magazine offers user-oriented content relating to the Fedora Project, whether it’s a how-to on using some awesome software, a major event report, or other cool things happening in the Linux world.

How do I earn “Extra! Extra!”?

Earning Extra! Extra! requires a good idea and a willingness to write about it! To write your own article for the Fedora Magazine, you should start by shooting a brief introduction to the Marketing mailing list.  Tell a little bit about yourself, what you’re interested in, and maybe why you want to write for the Magazine. After you introduce yourself, you will be granted contributor privileges on the Magazine!

You can learn more about the process for writing for the Fedora Magazine on their walkthrough page.

The first step to getting your article published and syndicated is by proposing a pitch for your idea. A pitch is a short, brief summary of what you want to write about and how you want to go about it. This helps make it easier to approve articles and prevent you from wasting your time writing an article if there is a reason that your idea isn’t suitable for the Magazine. Get started by learning how to write a good pitch!

After your pitch is ready, send a link to your article to the Marketing mailing list announcing that it is ready for review. All pitches and drafts are reviewed weekly at the Magazine editorial board meetings.

Once your article is given the “OK”, you are free to begin drafting your article and move towards publication. After your article goes live, you will be manually awarded the badge!

The “Extra! Extra!” tl;dr

  1. Introduce yourself on the Marketing mailing list, explaining why you want to write for the Magazine and what your idea for an article is
  2. Once you are promoted, start a pitch to be reviewed by the editorial board, email to list when done
  3. When your pitch is approved, begin drafting and move towards publishing
  4. After publishing, badge is manually awarded by Magazine editors

This information is also on the Magazine “How to write an article” page.

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