CrystalCraftMC forums sunset. The background picture shows a lake with the sun setting over it. The CrystalCraftMC forum logo appears in the center, slightly below the setting sun.

CrystalCraftMC forums sunset

It is with a sad heart that I share that the forums are permanently retired as of 6 February 2022. Nearly ten years ago, in August 2012, I founded a Minecraft multiplayer game server. It would eventually become known as CrystalCraftMC. I passed the torch for the game server in April 2018. CrystalCraftMC got a second life from the dedicated player community until December 2018 when it was shuttered for good. Today’s news is sad to me as it marks the official end of the online presence of CrystalCraftMC after nearly a decade.

If you are missing the memories, you can still find a good part of the forums archived via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Click here to navigate to the last snapshot of the official forums. You can also find downloads of the survival and creative Minecraft worlds below:

History of the CrystalCraftMC forums

Since December 2013, I maintained the CrystalCraftMC forums on my own infrastructure and dime. Even after I passed the torch in April 2018, I continued to maintain and manage the forums. When the game server finally closed in December 2018, I continued to keep the forums alive as a novelty for past players. For me, whenever I felt nostalgic, the forums always gave me a place to remember good friends and memories from that era of my life.

If you are one of the few original folks who kept up with CrystalCraftMC in its lifetime, you may remember we used a different forum at one point, hosted by Enjin. Those forums are (miraculously) still alive, and you can still find them! Visit to get a nostalgia trip on the oldest memories of our Minecraft community.

Why the forums closed

The forum software behind was called XenForo. We used the 1.x versions of XenForo. XenForo was a great fit for us when CrystalCraftMC was in full swing, but the forums fell behind on updates. The forums eventually stopped receiving maintenance and security updates for XenForo 1.x when XenForo 2.0.0 was released. Since I never renewed our license and didn’t have time to complete the complicated upgrade, the CrystalCraftMC forums remained on XenForo 1.x.

This month, I took on a project to reduce the costs of my personal infrastructure. The total cost to run the CrystalCraftMC forums was >$200 USD every month. I hoped to reduce the cost to less than $50 USD every month. My goal was to migrate the database for the forums to a competitive and more affordable hosting service. However, during the migration, I discovered that XenForo 1.x did not support newer versions of the MySQL database software. I would need to continue paying my bill for a hosting service that supported the legacy version of the database used by the CrystalCraftMC forums.

After careful consideration, I decided ten years was a good run and it was time to finally close things down. It was not the outcome I wanted, but it was what had to be done. Nevertheless, I took a final “snapshot” of the forums and database. I retained a final copy, and perhaps one day in the future, I may choose to put a read-only copy online again. But for now, the forums will remain offline until further notice.

(This also doesn’t even note the hundreds of spam, scam, and porn emails I received every day because of the contact form on the website not having a captcha form to stop spambots!)

What now for CrystalCraftMC?

I will continue to pay for the domain names of and Both domains will now redirect to this blog post, which might be how you ended up here. But otherwise, there are no more public archives of CrystalCraftMC other than our memories, YouTube “Let’s Plays” and Echophox video series, and the super-old forums. This is the end of the road for CrystalCraftMC.

To all the players and the CrystalCraftMC community, you will always have a special place in my heart. CrystalCraftMC was one of these incredible things that happened to me in my life, especially when so many things in my life were honestly upside-down. I wish you all the best and hope you all also have fond memories of building spawn points, running drop parties, building amazing forts and bases (while hoping they don’t get raided), and hanging out with other folks who ended up becoming close friends.

Long live CrystalCraftMC.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory.

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