RITlug/TeleIRC development update

TeleIRC v2.0.0 is officially here!

After almost eight months of work, the TeleIRC Team is happy to announce General Availability of TeleIRC v2.0.0 today. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer community, we are celebrating an on-time release of a major undertaking to make a more sustainable future for TeleIRC.

Download TeleIRC v2.0.0 now!

If you want to skip the text and get to the software, head to the GitHub v2.0.0 release for more info. If you want the story behind this release, read on!

Eight months later…

The conversation started in a university hallway after the first RIT Linux Users Group meeting in the Fall 2019 semester. Together, Tim Zabel, Nicholas Jones, and Justin W. Flory set out to rewrite TeleIRC from NodeJS to Go. This was done to address a growing backlog of challenging feature requests on TeleIRC, but also a way for us to gain more experience working with Go. Along the way, we also ended up facilitating an agile-inspired software release process adapted for open source.

So, what happened in the eight months after the first conversation? The team meet for weekly meetings each Saturday afternoon (at first in-person, later virtually), two new core contributors joined the team, and some drive-by contributors provided feedback andf added code to the new release. There were charts, whiteboards and dry-erase markers, and lots of Blue Jeans video calls. But after all this time, we made it to release day!

Thank you amazing volunteer contributors!

This endeavor was a shared commitment by our volunteer committer team. All five of the volunteer core maintainers spread patience and sustained effort over time. At the end, we made something really cool to show for this work.

A huge thanks to our core maintainers and all current and past contributors to TeleIRC. You have all contributed to the success (and motivation!) for this project. It is fun to work on cool projects with friends!

A proper shout-out goes to the core maintainers who joined the team over the last eight months working on this release:

“I found a bug in TeleIRC v2.0.0!”

If you run into a problem, check out the TeleIRC documentation and open an issue if it does not answer your questions.

Get in touch!

If you have questions, get in touch with the developer community. You can find us on Telegram and on IRC (#rit-lug-teleirc on chat.freenode.net).

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