Several white-colored wires and cables are twisted together into a spiral, in front of a dark blue background. A subtitle is written, "Digitalism."

Digitalism: An engineer’s poem

Ctrl+Alt+Delete, wired and tied,
My threaded process: splintering and fragmenting.

Ctrl+Z, nostalgic and longing,
The memory buffer: flooded and overloaded.

Ctrl+F, buried and lost,
The information needed: but information never found.

Ctrl+N, weary and tired,
A new page and new chapter: for a new time.

Ctrl+X, selective and wise,
My mental clipboard: freed from excessive context.

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The control we have, digitally finite,
Within our fingertips, but limited to our bandwidth.

The promised digital frontier, hopeful yet anguished,
Two sides of a coin, but can there be a third side?

Life within a binary is never so rich,
The answer we seek is simply the answer we find.

Motherboard, hard drive; CPU, RAM,
Infrastructure built, realities shaped.

Remove one part, replace another,
Expansion upgrades, faulty hardware replacements.

Our modern digitalism is a mirror of our constructions,
No utopia or dystopia; just a reflection peering back at us.

The question falls to you, whether to plug in or disconnect,
Whether to accept a life with both hotspots and no-signal zones.

systemctl stop NetworkManager


systemctl start NetworkManager

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory.

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