The hands of a person is visible on top of a pad of paper. One hand is pointing to a diagram on the top pad of paper. The other hand holds a thick black marker and is adding a new section to the diagram on the piece of paper. A subtitle appears on the side: "Write yourself into obsolescence."

Write yourself into obsolescence.

This thought was pressed into my mind as I looked over all that I had created. Facing the inevitable end of one life chapter as it transitions into a new one, I recognized one possible way to improve our individual impact through documentation. Software and product documentation are classified as technical writing. While they differ in scope, they share a connection to other forms of written works like novels and newspapers; they are collections of a commonly understood, codified language meant to convey a meaning to other humans. The goal of writing yourself into obsolescence is not to create content for content’s sake. The goal is to create information pathways that leave behind a guiding light for those who come after us. The goal is to create some form of media or content that communicates information of value to someone else (even including your future self).

May I continue to hone this practice into an art. 🙏🏻 This is my meditation for the day!

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