When I launched my blog, I always envisioned writing cute snapshots of insight into my life. As much as I would publish them for the Internet, I was also publishing for myself. Or so, it started off this way.

But over time, I blurred the lines between personal and professional communication. The emotional words in my vocabulary were gradually phased out through my formal education. There were many influences on the sculpting of my voice. High school teachers critiqued writing styles for A.P. exams. Communication professors clearly outlined how to write business emails in a level of detail I didn’t know was possible. These experiences showed me one way communication could be more direct and effective.

But I believe I may have mistaken professional communication as the only kind of communication. My education prepared me to understand scientific research studies and how a compiler works, but didn’t teach me how to listen to my heart and put words to the emotions I was feeling.

So, now looking back at my blog history, it feels like reading a news site instead of these personal slices into my thinking and what is going on for me at any given point of time. I retained some of it in the beginning, like with my annual Year in Review posts that last published in 2017. But now, there is little here that I think gives meaningful insight to who I am outside of the context of technology or open source.

Indeed, despite being the sole author, publisher, and editor of my own blog, there still seems like a great deal is left unsaid. I cannot speak words where there was already silence, but I can choose to break the silence. So, here is to breaking silences and finding your voice.

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