Stepping out of Fedora: May to August 2018

Similar to last year, I am putting forward a note of planned absence from the Fedora Project community from May to August 2018.

Transparency is important to me. I wanted to make this announcement ahead of time to set clear expectations for the upcoming months. I am returning to Chicago, IL to work another internship at Jump Trading, LLC. From June to August, I am working at their Chicago office. I am excited to return and learn more from an amazing team of people.

I am not blocked by company policy from contributing to open source, so I won’t disappear completely. However, while I am still able to contribute to Fedora, I do not expect to keep up the level of activity that I contribute at now during my internship.

Away from May to August 2018

May is filled with other personal commitments, followed by a near immediate departure to Chicago in early June. Thus, I am stepping out of Fedora in early May. I hope to spend time with friends and family before departing for Chicago, so my estimate is a little generous to the benefit of being realistic. My internship ends around mid-August, so I hope to begin my normal levels of contribution around this time.

The only area I hope to stay partially active with is the Fedora Community Blog to continue my post as the editor-in-chief. While I still don’t expect being fully involved, I hope to help with editing and keeping things moving.

I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces again in August at Flock 2018!

Fedora Flock 2015 at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY
Fedora Flock 2015 at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY
Fedora Flock 2016 in Kraków, Poland
Fedora Flock 2016 in Kraków, Poland

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