Tell us your Fedora 2017 Year in Review

Tell us your Fedora 2017 Year in Review

The past year was a busy for Fedora. The community released Fedora 26 and 27. Different sub-projects of Fedora give their share of time for the overall success of Fedora. But in a project as big as Fedora, it’s hard to keep track of what everyone is doing! If you’re a developer, you likely know more about what’s happening inside the code of Fedora, but you may not know what’s happening with the Fedora Ambassadors. Or maybe you’re involved with Globalization (G11n) and translating and know what’s happening there, but you’re not as familiar with what the Fedora Design team is working on.

Share your 2017 “Year in Review”

To communicate with the rest of the Fedora community what we worked on in 2017, the Fedora Community Operations team (CommOps) encourages every sub-project of Fedora put together their own “Year in Review” article on the Fedora Community Blog. The CommOps team has created an easy to use template to document your top three highlights of 2017 and one goal for 2018.

Read the original announcement of the 2017 “Year in Review” on the Fedora Community Blog. Contributors are encouraged to work with their sub-projects to come up with the three 2017 highlights and one 2018 goal. These are only set as a minimum. If your sub-project has a lot to say or has many big tasks for 2018, include more highlights or more goals! The only requirement is to meet the minimum, but there is no limit for what you wish to include.

Share your Fedora 2017 Year in Review

Where to find “Year in Review” posts

All “Year in Review” articles end up on the Fedora Community Blog. See examples from 2015 for some inspiration. To find new posts, find them in the “Year in Review 2017” tag.

Start discussing this now and craft your own “Year in Review” post for 2017! Sub-projects are encouraged to have a draft in the Community Blog before the end of February.

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