New role as Fedora Magazine editor in chief

New role as Fedora Magazine editor in chief

Picture from Flock 2016 with Justin W. Flory and Ryan Lerch for Fedora Magazine
Me (left) with Ryan Lerch (right) at Flock 2016

Today, I am pleased to announce my new role as the Fedora Magazine editor-in-chief. After deciding to shift focus to other areas of the Fedora Project, I am receiving the torch from Ryan Lerch. Ryan has helped lead the Magazine, edit pieces from other contributors, contribute his own pieces, and decide strategic direction for the Magazine.

He leaves big shoes to fill, but I hope to offer my own leadership, creativity, and direction in coming years as well. I’d like to thank both Ryan, Paul Frields, and Remy DeCausemaker for their mentorship and guidance towards becoming involved with Fedora and the Magazine. I’m excited to have the opportunity to help guide the Fedora Magazine in how it fits with the rest of Fedora.

History of the Magazine

The Fedora Magazine began in late 2013, replacing the former publication, Fedora Weekly News. The Magazine delivers all official news and announcements for the Fedora Project, covers how-to guides on using software available in Fedora, and other general tips and tricks for using Fedora. The Magazine has had a large number of contributors assist in getting it off the ground and to where it is now.

A special thanks goes out to Ryan, Paul, and Chris Roberts for helping bring the Magazine to where it is today. There are surely many more names than these too worth mentioning, but it would be impossible for me to cover them all here.

Write for the Magazine!

Want to write your own article for the Magazine? Know a useful piece of software you want to share with other Fedora users? Want to write about how using Fedora made something easier for you? Or maybe your own “top 5” list of tools for doing an everyday task? Come write for us! If you’re interested, check out this guide about writing an article, and then how to write a pitch for the Magazine team to review.

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