Fedora Ambassadors: Communicating about the Design process

Fedora Ambassadors: Communicating about Design

This week is busy and continues to keep the pace of previous weeks. A lot has happened this week in the Fedora Project and I’ve taken on a few new tasks too. In addition to existing work on Google Summer of Code, Community Operations, Marketing, and more, I wanted to take some time this week to focus on CommOps Ticket #71. This ticket originally focused on improving accessibility of design resources for Fedora Ambassadors. However, after an interesting conversation with Máirín Duffy on the Design Team workflow, I discovered the availability was not the main issue. Instead, it seemed like communicating was an area needing focus.

Communicating between Ambassadors and Design

From our conversation, I learned that there was a disconnect between the Ambassadors and the Design team. As a sponsored Ambassador myself, I had never seen anywhere documenting the steps or process I should take to ask for art assets when needed for an event. There were also things I had not considered about what goes into the printing and production process for items too. Every region of the world seems to do things a little differently!

With the information I learned from our conversation in a CommOps meeting, I penned up a first draft of what the communication process should look like between Ambassadors and the Design team. The page is not official yet, and I posted a bit ago to the Design Team mailing list requesting feedback on the page. Hopefully, if the information passes approval from the Design Team, we can work on socializing this information with all Ambassadors across the four regions of the world. The end goal of this is to make it easier on both the Ambassadors and the Design Team by doing the following…

  • Making it clear what to do as an Ambassador for requesting art assets / printed items
  • Reducing strain / load on Design Team from repetitive situations / “common questions”
  • Creating a faster and more efficient workflow for Ambassadors organizing events and Designers creating art and deliverables

Long-term, though…

In this discussion, we acknowledged a wiki page is not a long-term solution to this problem. There are now initiatives in the project to help bring greater unity and cohesion between different sub-projects. CommOps is definitely one of the biggest players to this. The future formation of FOSCo will help specifically towards communication between groups like Ambassadors, Design, and Marketing. Fedora Hubs will also contribute to making this process easier by having improved methods of communicating key information like this.

Communication by Lorenzo Stella from the Noun Project.