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Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Introduction to Fedora Badges

What is this?!

What is this? What is this?! Introducing a new series being published weekly on my blog – “Gotta Badge ‘Em All!” This series aims to introduce readers to the hundreds of Fedora badges that members of the Fedora community can earn. Maybe you’re a newcomer looking at becoming more involved by earning more badges, or maybe you have been around for a while and just want to grow your badge numbers.

No matter who you are, this series aims to educate and teach readers about how to earn some of the less obvious Fedora badges available. Not all the badges are obvious, and I want to bring more light to the “how-to” process to picking up some of these badges.

Publishing Schedule

The schedule I intend to follow aims for a new article in the series every Monday at 3:30 UTC. If you’re from the US East Coast, like me, this translates to Sunday evenings at 22:30 (10:30pm).

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Wanting to keep up with the series? Just follow the tag “Gotta Badge ‘Em All” on my blog (if you’re an RSS person, use this)!

Stay tuned for the first article in the series coming very soon, explaining the Parselmouth badge!


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