Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Telegraphist

Telegraphist: What is it?

Telegraphist badge, for mapping names to packages
“You mapped an upstream project to a Fedora package on

The Telegraphist badge is categorized as a “Quality [Assurance] Badge” and is defined in this Trac ticket. But what’s the real scoop behind the Telegraphist badge?

In short, Telegraphist is awarded to Fedora contributors and users who map the names of their favorite upstream projects to packages available in Fedora. This makes it easier for developers and users to monitor updates on their favorite packages, and to make sure that new versions of upstream software are packaged and made available in Fedora. The software backing this site is called Anitya, and you can use it now on! The original announcement for this site was made by Ralph Bean on the developers mailing list in February 2015.

How do I earn Telegraphist?

Earning Telegraphist is easy! First, you should look through the list of software you have installed on your system. What are some of your favorite apps? What do you use all the time and think you couldn’t live without? Try searching for it on Anitya. Does it exist?

It may be that the package you search for is already mapped. In that case, take a look through it and see if the information is still correct and relevant. Sometimes a project’s homepage may change, or they might switch the locations of where they host their code. If something’s wrong, edit it and correct the info.

Telegraphist: Add a project to Anitya
Add a project to Anitya using info like this, except for your favorite project.

On the other hand, it may be that the package you want to add doesn’t exist. Viola, a badge opportunity has presented itself! You can help Fedora developers by providing the relevant info for a project. Click on “Add project” on the top bar and begin entering all the relevant info. For an example, see my mapping of the yubikey-personalization-gui in the screenshot.

The Telegraphist tl;dr

  1. Awarded to contributors who map upstream project info to specific packages in Fedora
  2. Automatically awarded when you map a project on
  3. Find project info for your favorite software, and if it doesn’t exist, add it to the database

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