HFOSS: Final Project Proposal

What is this?

This post serves as the project proposal for me and my team’s Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software DevelopmentFinal Project“.

In this project proposal, we take a look at the game idea we are looking at completing for this project, based on the New York 4th grade math curriculum. Our game idea is based off of a minigame from Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, a puzzle-solving educational game.

HFOSS Final Project: Zoombinis Pizza Pass minigame

Screenshot from 1996’s “Logical Journey of the Zoombinis” Pizza Pass level.

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HFOSS: Community Architecture Team Project Report

For the Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Development (HFOSS) course at the Rochester Institute of Technology, we were tasked with the Community Architecture (CommArch) project. For this project, we were tasked with analyzing an open source project’s community and the general details surrounding the project. This blog post serves as the analysis our team prepared for the project.

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Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Parselmouth

Parselmouth: What is it?

Parselmouth Badge, for Python 3 porting

“You can speak Python and helped with porting stuff to Python 3.”

The Parselmouth badge is categorized as a “Miscellaneous Badge” and was defined in this Trac ticket. But what’s the real scoop behind the Parselmouth badge?

In short, Parselmouth is awarded to Fedora contributors who assist in porting Python 2 packages in Fedora to Python 3. As of present date, the current version of Fedora (Fedora 23) defaults to using Python 3 for new installs. While Python 2 is easily installed, there are still a large number of packages that are not up to date to using the latest version of the language. As recognized by the developers of the programming language and the countless that use it, Python 3 is the future, and it is important that Fedora helps lead the way towards making Python 3 the standard.

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