Fedora Badges

Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Introduction to Fedora Badges

What is this?! What is this? What is this?! Introducing a new series being published weekly on my blog – “Gotta Badge ‘Em All!” This series aims to introduce readers to the hundreds of Fedora badges that members of the Fedora community can earn. Maybe you’re a newcomer looking at

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Fedora CommOps – What I’m working on

I’m trying to get into better habits about blogging on a semi-regular basis, as it’s a good way for me to recap about everything going on around me and to help remember how I’m spending my time. CommOps in Retrospect Over the past few months, I have worked closely with

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Three reasons I love open source

Open Source User I am a user of open source software. My earliest experiences with open source software was with the Minecraft server software Bukkit as a kid, when I was attempting to make a cool game server for friends. I started using Fedora in December 2013 with my first

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