Tergiversate: Introducing music review column

Tergiversate: Introducing music review column

Music is a key part of my life. I spend a lot of time listening and analyzing music. However, music is as much a personal experience as it is a social one too. In music, an artist shares their perspective and experience with the listener. The listener, in turn, shares music with others. In my experience, some of the best music recommendations have come from friends or from other music fans. Thus, I’m happy to announce Tergiversate, a new column on my blog that celebrates great music and the role it plays in documenting culture and society.

Tergiversate: New articles in 2018

Tergiversate takes the form of a column on my blog. New posts will appear in the Music category. Since this is a personal undertaking, I did not want to commit to a publishing schedule, but I hope to cover one to two albums a month.

The album columns will not always be a review or an analysis, but rather a spotlight or highlight on albums that have a special or intrinsic value to me. I hope to cover both new releases from current-day artists as well as introduce older albums from some of my favorite artists.

The first articles in the series will appear in January 2018.

Recommendation swapping welcome

I plan to start with music that I’m familiar with. However, if you want me to consider an album, I’m happy to swap recommendations. I’m always looking for new music, so if you want to point something out to me, you’re welcome to leave a comment or reach out to me somewhere else.

I’m excited to launch Tergiversate. Music is an important part of my life and I’m excited to extract the best highlights from a world polluted by noise.

Curious where the name “Tergiversate” came from? Check out the dictionary definition.

Music by Sandy Priyasa from the Noun Project.

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