Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Vacation

This article is part of an ongoing series about how to earn specific Fedora badges. Learn more about the Vacation badge!

“Vacation”: What is it?

Vacation badge, given to contributors who mark when they're away in a calendar
“Sip the lemonade away (You deserve it for remembering your responsibility)!”

The Vacation badge is categorized as a “Community Badge” and is defined in this Trac ticket. But what’s the real scoop behind the Science badge?

With the December holiday season right around the corner, this seemed like the perfect badge to feature this week. In short, the Vacation badge is awarded to contributors who mark when they will be unavailable in the Fedora Calendar app. Marking when you are helps others know when you will be away and know where to pick up the slack. If you an active contributor to any subgroup, team, or other entity in Fedora, this is especially important so people know when you will be away! Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, so let others know when “the doctor is in” becomes the “the doctor is out”.

How do I earn “Vacation”?

Earning the Vacation badge is simple. To earn it, you will need an active account in the Fedora Account System, and it is only recommended you do this if you are an active contributor in some aspect of the Project.

To earn it, first navigate to the Fedora Calendar app and sign in at the top with your FAS information. Once you do so, go to the Vacations calendar and create a new entry by clicking the “+” button in the side bar. For Meeting name, just fill in your username. Choose the start and end dates for when you will be away (and times, if necessary). If you wish, you can include some extra information or comments about your availability in Information box.

Once everything looks good to you, hit the “Add” button at the bottom, and viola! You have now added when you will be away to the calendar and Fedora contributors will be able to quickly see when you are away and when you will be around after your vacation ends. You will be automatically awarded the badge.

The “Vacation” tl;dr

  1. Sign into the Fedora Calendars app and visit the Vacations calendar
  2. Share when you will be unavailable by creating a new event and adding it to the calendar
  3. Get badge!

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